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A list of the works of C.R. Ashbee held by the King's College Archive Centre, Cambridge. All are from the Essex House Press, unless otherwise stated.

'The American League to Enforce Peace. An English Interpretation' with an introduction by Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson (London, 1917).

'American Sheaves and English Seed Corn' (London, 1901).

'A Bibliography of the Essex House Press 1898-1904' (Campden, 1904).

'The Building of Thelema' (London: [not Essex House Press], 1910).

'Chapters in workshop reconstruction and citizenship' (London, 1894).

'Conradin: a philosophical ballad' (Campden, 1908).

'Craftsmanship in competitive industry' (Campden, 1908).

'Decorative art from a workshop point of view' (1889).

'Echoes from the City of the Sun' (London, 1905).

'An Endeavour towards the teaching of John Ruskin and William Morris' (London, 1901).

'From Whitechapel to Camelot' (London, 1892).

''Grannie'. A Victorian Cameo' (Oxford: [not Essex House Press], 1939).

'The Guild of Handicraft 1909' (Campden, 1909).

'The Hamptonshire experiment in education' (London: [not Essex House Press], 1914).

'Jerusalem', ed. C.R. Ashbee. 1918-20 and 1920-22 (London 1921-4).

'Kingfisher out of Egypt' [limited edition] (Campden: Alcuin Press, 1934).

'The Kings of Min Zaman' (London, 1938).

'The Last Records of a Cotswold Community', ed. C.R. Ashbee (Campden, 1904).

'Lyrics of the Nile' (1919).

'The Manual of the Guild and School of Handicraft', ed. C.R. Ashbee (London, 1892).

'Modern English Silverwork' (London, 1908).

'A Palestine Notebook 1918-23' (London, 1923).

'Peckover: The Abbotscourt Papers 1904-31', ed.C.R. Ashbee (London, 1932).

'A Report by Mr.C.R.Ashbee to the Council of the National Trust...on his visit to the United States in the Council's behalf' (Campden, 1901).

'Socialism and Politics: a study in the re-adjustment of the values of life' (London, 1905).

'Some illustrations to a course of lectures on design in its application to furniture' (c.1892).

'A Table on the Arts and Crafts of the Renaissance' (3rd edition, London, 1892).

'Transactions of the Guild and School of Handicraft', vol.1, ed. C.R. Ashbee (London, 1890).

'Where the Great City Stands: a study in new civics' (London, 1917).