Fordyce's Lectures on Physiology, Physic, and Chronic Diseases Vol. 2

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      GB 133 MMM/15/2/2/2
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      Jun-Jul 1780
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      1 volume The front board has come away

Scope and Content

There are a total of 196 folios with writing on both the recto and verso. The beginning of each lecture is clearly marked and usually dated, however, they are not numbered and the numbers used below are for descriptive purposes only and represent the lectures in order as they appear in the manuscript. Inconsistency in the dating of lectures and the labelling of some as 'physiology' and others as 'medicine' indicates that there are two sets of lectures running concurrently through the manuscript. Not every lecture has one of these titles but they alternate quite consistently throughout with the exception of lectures 58-69 which are all medicine lectures and 1 & 3 which are both physiology. Comparison with other copies of Fordyce's lectures in the collection helps to clarify the content. For example, those lectures labelled physiology marry up with the contents of MMM/2/3/1/7, Fordyce's lectures on the materia medica, and those labelled medicine marry up with the contents of MMM/2/3/1/1 & MMM/2/3/1/2, Fordyce's lectures on the practice of physic.

The subjects covered in the lectures are as follows: (1) physiology-knowledge of physic, (2) physiology-necessary knowledge of the body to treat disease, (3) medicine & disease, (4) physiology-coagulable lymph, (5) medicine-acute diseases (6) physiology-red part of the blood, (7) medicine-inflammation, (8) physiology-formation of the blood, (9) medicine-acrimony of fluids, (10) physiology-Putrefaction, food & the blood, (11) medicine-inflammation & the pulse, (12) physiology-digestion, (13) medicine-inflammation independent of its original cause, (14) physiology-secreted fluids produced by the blood, (15) medicine-metastasis, (16) physiology-perspiration, (17) medicine-suppuration, (18) urine, (19) medicine-suppuration & gangrene, (20) urine, (21) inflammation continued, (22) physiology-mucus, (23) cure of inflammation, (24) bile, (25) cure of inflammation continued, (26) physiology-construction of the human body, (27) cure continued, evacuations, (28) circulation, (29) physiology-power of blood circulation, (30) cure continued, sedatives, (31) physiology-substance of arteries, (32) cure continued, (33) physiology-contraction of arteries, (34) termination of inflammation in suppuration, (35) physiology-motion of blood through the lungs, (36) gangrene and mortification, (37) physiology-absorption of lymph, (38) fever, (39) physiology-properties of matter, (40) fevers, (41) heat of blood, (42) fever, (43) brain & nerves, (44) fevers continued, (45) physiology-the brain, (46) fevers, (47) physiology-power of the body, (48) fevers, (49) physiology-mobility & irritability, (50) fevers continued, (51) physiology-external applications, (52) fever, (53) physiology-variations in matter of the body, (54) fevers, (55) quantity of living power exerted, (56) fevers, (57) physiology-power of the body, (58) treatment of fevers, (59) cure of fevers, (60) fever & purgatives, (61) treatment of fever, (62) weakness from too greater action of the vessels, (63) manner of treating fever by producing a crisis, (64) preventing recurrence of fever, (65) particular fevers, (66) treatment of fevers continued, (67) violent fevers, (68) treatment of violent fever, (69) inflammatory fever.