Fordyce's Lectures on Physiology, Physic, and Chronic Diseases Vol. 3

Scope and Content

There are a total of 176 folios with writing on both the recto and verso. The beginning of each lecture is clearly marked and usually dated, and whilst some of the lectures are also numbered many are not and the numbers used below are for descriptive purposes only and represent the lectures in order as they appear in the manuscript. The volume is entitled 'lectures on chronic diseases'. Comparison with two other volumes of Fordyce's lectures, >MMM/2/3/1/3 & >MMM/2/3/1/4, lectures on chronic diseases, is useful for establishing clarity of content.

The subjects covered in the lectures are as follows: (1) division of diseases into acute & chronic, (2) sufficient food, (3) weakness of the system, (4-5) strengthening the system, (6-7) dropsy, (8) dropsy continued & spasmodic diseases, (9) hysteria, (10) epilepsy, (11) epilepsy continued & apoplexy [stroke], (12) note saying 'last lecture was omitted', (13) variations at different ages of life, (14) gout, (15) gout continued & mania, (16) mania continued, (17) scrofula [tuberculosis, lymph node], (18) jaundice, (19) bile & sea scurvy, (20) sea scurvy continued, (21) putrefaction of fluids, (22) diseases associated with production of the species, (23) causes producing abortion, (24-25) diseases associated with pregnancy & parturition, (26-27) management of diseases in children, (28) pulmonary consumption, (29) consumption continued, (30) general observations on disease.