Records of Other Unitarian Bodies

Scope and Content

Collection of records of Unitarian and Unitarian related bodies. These range from ministerial bodies and local associations to a school and a society devoted to studying Unitarian history. This diverse collection presumably found its way into the College library at the behest of historically minded College Principals.


The records have been arranged into the following series:

  • UCC/5/1 - Ministerial Fellowship
  • UCC/5/2 - Willaston School
  • UCC/5/3 - The Monthly Conference of Ministers
  • UCC/5/3A - The Ministerial Monthly Meetings
  • UCC/5/4 - 'The Circle'
  • UCC/5/5 - Manchester Unitarian Sunday School Union
  • UCC/5/6 - Bolton District Unitarian Association
  • UCC/5/7 - Young Peoples' League
  • UCC/5/8 - Kent and Sussex Association
  • UCC/5/9 - Unitarian and Free Christian Laymen's League
  • UCC/5/10 - Temperance and Anti-Gambling Committee
  • UCC/5/11 - Missionary Conference
  • UCC/5/12 - National Conference Guilds Union
  • UCC/5/13 - Manchester District Association of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches
  • UCC/5/14 - Memorial Hall Club
  • UCC/5/15 - Unitarian Historical Society
  • UCC/5/16 - Manchester District Unitarian and Free Christian Lay Preachers' Union