Personal Papers

Scope and Content

An extensive collection of personal papers relating to a wide range of individuals in the Unitarian and dissenting traditions. The papers consist of items held in the library of the Unitarian College, Manchester. It includes the papers of Principals of the College, historians of Unitarianism, and the papers of prominent individuals which found their into the college library. It is a particularly rich collection, related to the fact that many of the Principals, notably Alexander Gordon and Herbert McLachlan, were also historians of the dissenting tradition and collectors of papers and books of historical interest.

Administrative / Biographical History

Biographical sketches of the individuals concerned are included below.


The papers have been arranged into individual sets of papers as follows [missing numbers merely reflect minor changes in the organisation of the catalogue]:

  • UCC/2/1 - Correspondence of Franklin Baker
  • UCC/2/2 - Papers of Arthur Holland Biggs
  • UCC/2/3 - Papers of the Beard Family
  • UCC/2/4 - Papers of George Benson
  • UCC/2/5 - Papers of William Blazeby
  • UCC/2/6 - Correspondence of James Hews Bransby
  • UCC/2/7 - Papers of W.H. Burgess
  • UCC/2/8 - Papers of George Fox
  • UCC/2/9 - Papers of Alexander Gordon
  • UCC/2/10 - Papers of John Gordon
  • UCC/2/11 - Notebooks of Clara Grundy
  • UCC/2/12 - Papers of Charles Hargrove
  • UCC/2/13 - Papers of John Harland
  • UCC/2/14 - Papers of George Harris
  • UCC/2/15 - Papers of Brooke Herford
  • UCC/2/16 - Papers of Robert Travers Herford
  • UCC/2/18 - Papers of Fred Kenworthy
  • UCC/2/19 - Correspondence of Theophilus Lindsey
  • UCC/2/20 - Manuscript Notebook of John Edmondson Manning
  • UCC/2/21 - Papers of the Martineau Family
  • UCC/2/22 - Papers relating to the Nicholson Family
  • UCC/2/23 - Notebooks of Thomas Willis Patterson
  • UCC/2/24 - Papers of Henry David Roberts
  • UCC/2/25 - Papers of Thomas Sadler
  • UCC/2/26 - Papers of William Lawrence Schroeder
  • UCC/2/28 - Papers relating to William Shepherd
  • UCC/2/29 - Correspondence of George Vance Smith
  • UCC/2/30 - Papers of Christopher James Street
  • UCC/2/31 - Sermons of George Street
  • UCC/2/32 - Correspondence of John James Tayler
  • UCC/2/34 - Correspondence of William Tayleur
  • UCC/2/35 - Notebooks of Douglas Walmsley
  • UCC/2/36 - Correspondence of Mary Augusta Ward [Mrs. Humphrey Ward]
  • UCC/2/37 - Notebook of Charles Wellbeloved
  • UCC/2/38 - 'Wicksteed-Carpenter' Correspondence
  • UCC/2/39 - 'American Letters'
  • UCC/2/40 - Collection of Miscellaneous Notebooks
  • UCC/2/41 - Collection of Miscellaneous Letters