Further Charge

Scope and Content


1. THe Hon. Frederick O'Bryen

Fitzmaurice of Bangor, Carnarvon.

2. Mary Ann Taylor, Wife of 1.

3.a) Anthony John Ashley (as in 1D/3).

b) Samuel Idy (as in 1D/3).

c) Henry Shepherd (as in 1D/3).

COMMENTS: 1 had borrowed 1000 from 3 in

1864, with the consent of 2, which was

raised on their Marriage Settlement of

1861, on the security of a Life

Insurance policy. Now 1 borrows 500

more from 3, on the security of another

Life Insurance Policy.

It is not clear how Parties 1 and 2 in

this deed relate to the Reade family; it

is possible that 2 was a Reade before

her marriage.