Grant of Annuity, and Security for same

Scope and Content


1. William Winwood Reade of the

Conservative Club, St. James, Middx.,


2.a) The Hon. Anthony John Ashley of

Upper Brook St., Grosvenor Square,


b) Samuel Idy of Lincolns Inn, Middx.,


c) Henry Shepherd Law of Bush Lane,

Cannon St., London, Esq.

CONSIDERATION: £1000 (from 2 to 1).

COMMENTS: If 1 outlives his father, he

will pay 2 an annuity of £216 10s. As

security for this, 1 gives 2 his rights

to the property (which is mostly at

Ipsden) which he is to inherit. A

schedule of the property is annexed to

the deed.