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These papers were deposited with Oxfordshire Archives in two instalments, in 1968 and 1969, and given the respective Accession Numbers 769 and 797. Both collections were deposited via the British Records Association, where they had been given the BRA numbers 1550 and 1622. A few papers in the collection were transferred to Lincolnshire Record Office in 1981. An Appendix lists the contents of each Accession.

Almost all the papers in S11 relate to the Annesley family of Bletchingdon, who for a time held the title of Viscounts Valentia. The main body of the Annesleys' estate papers are listed in E6. This collection, although it came from an entirely different source from E6 is very close to it in its contents: as will be seen, there are several instances where a series of papers on a person or property is split up between S11 and E6. It therefore seems quite possible that the records came from a common source. However, because this source is not known, and, as matters stand, the collections arrived at Oxfordshire Archives from two quite different sources, they have been catalogued separately. However, extensive cross-references between the collections should alert users where necessary. Readers should also be aware of SL18 (the papers of Aplin and Hunt), which also include a few Annesley papers, and which are also closely related to E6 and SL11.

The introduction to E6 includes a brief history of the Annesley family which may make this collection clearer. A genealogy of the family at the end of the collection will show the relationships between the families. One important point is that because certain Christian names, such as Arthur or Francis, are used so frequently, family members bearing these names are indicated by Roman numerals: for example, Arthur Annesley (X) and Arthur Annesley (XI) are father and son, born in 1760 and 1785 respectively.

SL11/1-4 contain deeds and papers relating to the Annesleys and their properties; SL11/5 is devoted to a small group of papers found with the collection which have no apparent links with the Annesleys, but nevertheless concern property in Oxford.

Catalogued in January 1995 by Robin Darwall-Smith.

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