Letter from Joseph Thompson to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter: Thompson encloses a prescription for aperient (laxative) pills and gives Owen directions for the most effective application of said pills.

Thompson declared that both of them have so far had a long life and have much to be thankful for. They had the pleasure of meeting one another again in Brighton a couple of days ago, and he thinks that due to their age it is unlikely that they will see one another again. With this in mind and a conversation that they had last time they saw each other, Thompson wishes to offer "a few observations." He recounts the tale of Moses and the journey of the Israelites, and then asks whether Owen has found "rest." Thompson states that the "rest" (a void in the soul, so to speak) can only be filled by the truths found in the scriptures. In the later years of his life he is finding solace in the Bible, and hopes Owen will find the same.


Stamped number: 1056.