Hospital register of female patients from the London area suffering from thyroid conditions

Scope and Content

Hospital registers of patients admitted between 11 May 1939 and 18 July 1940. The patients were principally admitted to wards within the Middlesex Hospital, Fitzrovia (John Astor ward, Courtlauld ward, Princess Alice ward), Royal Masonic Hospital, Hammersmith and included medical personnel. The register includes personal details of patients, biometrics, food and medicine provided, last monthly period [L.M.P.], basal metabolic rate [B.M.R.] and note of any operation on thyroid. Patients who were medical staff were also assigned a four-figure serial number written at the top of the page. Files include sensitive personal data and is CLOSED for review in 2024.

Access Information

The register contains personal medical data of the admitted patients some of whom were young adults. The file therefore is closed under the Data Protection Act until 2024, when the record will be reviewed as to whether it may be opened.