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From Mary Whittingham at Potten vicarage to Mary Fletcher in Madeley. Whittigham received Fletcher's kind letter with the enclosed one pound note for the portrait engraving of [John] Fletcher and the remainder for ministry to the Jews. Her son [Samuel] has been staying here, but is to go to London tomorrow and will call on Mr Spillsbury for the pictures if they are ready. Whittingham will treasure them a great deal.

She is pleased that her dear aunt is feeling better 'and able to persue your laboours of love.' Spiritual matters are discussed. Whittingham is always delighted to hear from her good friends in Madeley and Rockwardine.

They have great cause to be thankful for Christian fellowship in these parts. The Lord has been gracious to fill the churches with pious ministers and the blessed cause of Christ is thereby promoted. 'I am glad to hear you think the latter day glory is approaching! ...'. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail