Bundle of poems by Harry Kemp

Scope and Content

Bundle of poems by Kemp, presumably sent to Graves and latterly Beryl Graves as enclosures to the correspondence. The bundle consists of the following leaves:- Ts poem 'Decline and Fall', with ms annotation Copy ts poem 'The Last of the Muses', with ms annotations on second leaf (2 leaves). Copy ts poem 'Thought as Friendship', with ms annotation, numbered I. Copy ts poem 'Twelfth Night', with ms annotation, numbered LXVIII. Copy ts poem 'In the Name of Modernity', numbered LXX. Copy ts poem 'Homines Backroom', with ms annotation, numbered LXXI. Copy ts poem 'His Tropical Fish', numbered LXXII. Copy ts poem 'The Bishop's Motto', with ms annotation, numbered LXXIII. Ts poem 'Clubbable Man'. Ts poem 'Rebellion'. Ts poem 'Release from Winter', with ms annotations. Ms cover sheet marked "Robert with new year greetings Harry 1969". Copy ts poems 'She-Cat', 'Renewal' and 'Colour-Riches' Copy ts poems 'Trees at Christmas', 'Uncertainty' and 'The Challenge', with ms annotation. Ts poem 'Decline and Fall', numbered P1. Ts poem 'The Storm', numbered P2. Ts poem 'Cosmonaut', numbered Q2. Ts poem 'The Serpent', numbered Q22. Ts poem 'Her Otherness', numbered Q23. Ts poem 'How Much to Know', numbered Q24. Ts poem 'Cat & Goddess', numbered Q2, marked "Robert" in ms on verso. Ts poem 'Femme Seule', numbered Q32, bearing ms note from Kemp to Graves. Ts poem 'The Poet's Plight'. Ts poem 'The Difficulty'. Ts poem 'Mr Burr'. Ts poem 'From the Langue d'Occhio'. Ts poem 'The Pure Gaze of Moonlight'. Ts poem 'Poetry Reading'. Ts poem 'Asparagus officinalis L. var. altilis', marked "For Robert" in ms. Bundle of ts poems stapled together with card cover bearing ms note "Robert, with greetings: Christmas '71[.] Harry". Poems: 'Clean Getaway', 'Didactic Theme', 'In the Year One', 'Pipe-Dreams', 'Our Young', 'The Kerchief' and 'Degrees of Permanence' (7 leaves and card cover sheet). Ts poem 'Running with the Fox' (possibly detached from stapled bundle above). Bundle of ts poems bound together with a card cover bearing the title 'Poems as of Then'. Ts pages numbered 1 to 17; pages numbered 2 and 16 bear pasted ts fragments; pages numbered 7, 10, 11, 15 and 16 bear ms annotations. Printed poem 'A Farewell to Teaching', with ms annotations, pasted into the inside back cover. Flier for volume of poems entitled 'Poems as of Now' bearing printed copies of 'True Durability' and 'Vain Pride'. Flier for volume of poems entitled 'Poems for Erato'.