Pages 29 & 30

Scope and Content

Finished artwork by Gillian McClure for pages 28 and 29 of 'Tog the Ribber'. The spread features a decorative capital 'B' on page 29, facing a full-page illustration on page 30. A transparent overlay is taped to the spread, with the typed text for page 29 pasted into position on the overlay. The overlay is also annotated with the title 'Granny's Tale', the illustrator, page numbers and brief notes about the borders.

Part of the illustration on page 30, showing Granny's pillow and her head peering over the bed cover, was cut out of the illustration prior to publication by the illustrator, and replaced with a new piece. The original cut-out piece has been preserved, and can be found in the file of preliminary artwork, GMc/01/02.