Scrapbook Miliana

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Scrapbook 1919-33:

Letter to Mrs Clapham, Jan 24 1920 acknowledging gifts;

Praise and Prayer for Miliana – Feb 1920;

Photo of ?Mabel and Mary/Ida Nash;

Printed Poem (loose) signed B M Grautoff;

Alice Kemp and Lady Haldane visits March 9 1920, then the Govans;

A Miliana Report for 1919;

Prayer requests for May 1920;

Bou-saada postcards April 1920;

Blida – Dar El Rih, Dar el Ain photos;

1020-21 photos of landscapes and people;

Jan 1923 – a rest week with Frances Harbord at Blida;

Dar Naama photos;

The Sparrow script and illustrations;

Literature 1921;

Painting of Sidi Ferruch – Miss Butler's cottage;

Photo of 'Blida, Relizane and Miliana out walking at DN' - summer 1921;

October 1921: Alger to Milianana incl photo of converts;

Spent time in Tebessa with Albina Cox;

Summer 1921 -Tunis. '6 baptisms at Lileys';

Visits from Sascha Perkin, Ida Nash arr. Christmas, Miss Drysdale after Christmas;

Watercolour of Monastir 1921 and Tebessa postcards;

1922, with Miss Drysdale and Miss Nash – Jan term began;

Note from Lilias Trotter for New Year 1927, with a copy of Parables of Christ Life and a 1924 painting from the 1924 Palestine Conference with Dr John Mott;

Itineration – Chellala, 1922 April;

Postcards of Teniet;

Mrs Penn-Lewis' Lessons from Keswick 1924 – God's Plan of Redemption;

The History of Medjehed;

Praise and Prayer for oct 1922 -term opened with Mabel, Ida Nash and Frances Harbord;

January 1922 – at Cherchell with NAM-ers for prayer, also Rally at DN;

Christmas Fetes 1922 and lettee from blind Hadj;

The story of the young Hadj;

Original Lilias Trotter painting of an orchid, from Teniet, dated August 14, 1901, plus photo of Lilias Trotter by well;

Blessed with faithful Abraham – notes;

Samples of Girgaffe;

The story of how our Hadj heard the gospel for the first time;

Postcards from the M'zab region – Beni M'zab, Ghardaia;

Loose photo – 'A corner of my room';

A typed report in an envelope – 'Evangelisation of Moslem Women' – by ?Mabel for ?;

Dr Mott conference at Constantine in Feb 1924 – notes from his talk on Psalm 15;

Mabel is the corresponding member for Algeria of the Near East Christian Council';

Notes on Oct 27-Dec 28, 1923, in Mabel's handwriting, with Ida Nash and Jessie Gray;

Postcards of Orleansville;

Psalm 51:6 - an illustrated tract done by Mabel in French and Arabic, circulated Nov 1923;

1925 – visit from Miss Baumgartner. Miss Sheach and Miss Drysdale there;

Mounted watercolour of the lighthouse -El Menara – could be Lilias Trotter;

Group on the roof at Dar Naama;

Egypt visit to Cairo – Feb 1926. Miss Coates of CMS, and Palestine/Jerusalem -postcards;

Tizi Ouzou and Mme Rolland;

Notes on marabouts + photo of 17 rue de Fou Fenoy, up to 1929;

Photos of Miliana Arab friends;

Visit to Guerrara M'zab with Miss Walton;

Obituary for Temple Gairdner, July 1928;

News 1928 records first visit to Guerrara and Doris Richardson going to Tolga with Sascha Perkin;

Miliana station was reopened on 23 March 1928;

Photo of the Capelle family;

An original Lilias Trotter watercolour on the August 1928 tribute page to Lilias Trotter 'One seldom came into her presence without realising the presence of her Lord and His fragrance outpoured.';

Photos and postcards of El Oued, with Miss Walton

Lilias Trotter sketch of south sunset Kouinine;

April 1929 Mabel went to the Boumana (Lebanon) conference, also Alexandria – Egypt;

An Lilias Trotter sketch of Tipaza – ruins of the forum;

Mabel and FHF visited;

Literature Committee in Egypt voices thoughts over Lilias Trotter;

Photo of Mabel and Grace Russell (later Mrs Kaye) 1929;

First visit to Golea, in the south, with Miss Ryff, and Lady Dorothy Mills, spring 1930. 900km south of Algiers;

May 1930 -centenary of the French conquest of Algeria;

Miliana 1931 report – a visit to the South with Miss Walton; Bousaada where they met Miss Gotelet and Alice McIlroy; April - Gladys Blackham came to help for 3 months, then Phyllis Russell;

Summer rest in Switzerland with Miss Ryff;

Group photo from Rally 1931;

Report 1931;

Miss Ryff snaps 1932 and another itineration in the M'zab

MDG and Miss Walton in Bousaada;

Miss Walton and the watercarrier;

October 1933 returns from England with Phyllis Russell and Miss Hansen

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