Scrapbook 1915

Scope and Content

Scrapbook includes:

Roll Call Algiers Mission Band – relatives involved in the war;

New Year Rally Programme and Mr Smeeton's Bible; Reading Plan;

Prayer Requests, January 1915;

Postcards from Malta and Cairo;

Nile Mission Press Meeting 4 Feb 1915;

Specimens of Religious Art and illustrations for the Tracts for boys;

Who will go? [Blanche Grace Lumley Haworth, Feb 26th] and soldiers' cards;

Page Designs (incl tract for Mystics by Blanche Grace Lumley Haworth);

Egypt literature business – list of tracts in preparation and some samples in Arabic;

Text of the Queen and her Mirror [Lilias Trotter];

Text of Heavy Burdens, by Miss Harrison;

Text of the Sacrifice of Said [Blanche Grace Lumley Haworth];

Text of The Brave Deed of Mounira [Lilias Trotter];

Memo from Lilias Trotter concerning us of tracts, from Cairo – she is described as Superintendent of the Women's Dept;

List of Mission Agencies;

Memoranda from NMP – Dept of Women and Children

Cards and drawing [Lilias Trotter] from Cairo;

Children's art and a little painted picture tract;

Lull Anniversary Meeting at Dar Naama, by kind invitation of Blanche Grace Lumley Haworth;

Story of 1914 - 'While there is time';

Copy of the Woman's Algerian Mission Band Newsletter 11, May 1915;

Hymns and photos;

Notes for those about to travel;

War List 1915 of Algiers Mission Band relatives;

Requests for Prayer, July 1915;

August Prayer Letter [Lilias Trotter];

Field Committee Agenda Oct 9, 1915;

Station Reports – Blanche Grace Lumley Haworth;

Literature sub-committee agenda, Dec 28, 1915;

Loose photos and artwork;

Prayer Requests fr December 1915;

Mr Smeeton tract: 'Are you one?';

Page of music – transliterated;

Still I wait – Gordon of Khartoum's statue and lines;

Christmas Greetings from Sir Matthew and Lady Dodsworth;

The Evening bringeth all things home' written by Lilias Trotter on a postcard;

Photo of a Kabyle woman

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