ASEASUK Conference, 25-27 March, 1981, at the University of Kent, Canterbury: South-East Asia and the Concept of Ethnicity

Scope and Content


1) Conference Programme. 2 ff.

2) V.T. King (University of Hull) and W.D. Wilder (University of Durham): South-East Asia and the concept of ethnicity. 7 ff.

3) Roger Kershaw: A little drama of ethnicity: some social aspects of the Kelantan Menora. 22 pp.

4) Victor T. King: Ethnicity in Borneo: an anthropological problem. 29 pp.

5) W.D. Wilder: Notes on interpersonal relationships - Chinese and Malay. 10 ff. (40 pp.)

6) Milada Kilab: Ethnicity and the language used as a medium of instruction in schools. (With reference to Nagaland, Cambodia and Thailand). 3 ff. (9 pp.)

7) Robert H. Taylor (SOAS, London): Perceptions of ethnicity in the politics of Burma. 8 ff. (21 pp.)

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