Scope and Content

Photocopied pages from the diary(?) of [Alfred Jones] of Bristol, describing in detail the final illness and death of Sally Wesley.

The arrangements for the funeral are also described, with the names of those who were specifically invited to attend.

It had been hoped by the Bristol Methodists that Sally would be buried in one of their chapels, but Sally's own wish was that she be interred with her infant brothers and sisters at St James's Church.

The cost of the funeral was borne by voluntary contributions.

A man was paid six shillings to watch over the vault for two nights to guard against body-snatchers.

Jones concludes his account with an anecdote told him by Sally's brother Charles. Dr Samuel Johnson had once asked his father why he had allowed his sons to become 'fiddlers', rather than send them to University. Charles replied that he did not wish his sons to be corrupted at college- life, and as for their natural inclination towards music, he had no control over that.