Handwritten notes

Scope and Content

Scheme for an edition of the New Testament with notes. Proposed contributors were assigned segments as follows: 

  • Mat., Mark, Luke: Soltau and Stoddart
  • John Gospel and Epistles: Bellett, Hargrove and Dublin [sic]
  • Acts: Wigram and Brenton
  • Romans: Newton
  • Corinthians: the Writer in the Witness [Possibly connected with the article entitled 'Some considerations on the two epistles to the Corinthians', The Christian Witness, vol 4 (1837)  which in some annotated copies is ascribed to W.H. Darby]
  • Gal., Ephes., Colos.: Harris
  • Philipp. and Thessalonians: Mahon
  • Timothy and Titus: Brenton and Morshead [possibly Edward Doidge Anderson Morshead, translator of Aeschylus and lecturer on Dante and Charles Kingsley]
  • Hebrews: Fitzgerald and Maunsell
  • Peter and Jude: Tregelles
  • Revelations [sic]: Darby and Newton