Dr Alice Ker to her daughters

Scope and Content

From Holloway Prison (unofficial paper taken out by released prisoner). They are waiting for news from outside before starting a hunger-strike; then the RC Priest visiting his flock told them that Aylesbury had been striking since Good Friday and that some of them had been forcibly fed. On Monday we got a signal from outside and started refusing food; on Wednesday they started forcible feeding; she will never forget being locked up and helpless and weak from her 36 hour fast. 'hearing screams and choking struggles from cells close by'. Finally outside telegrams and letters to 'Stop hunger-strike like Aylesbury'. Finally on a light note; an American girl in with them had had in her last batch of letters a proposal of marriage, an offer of a long and remunerative lecturing tour, a request for a series of articles from a Press Agency, to state her own terms.