Young Women (Part Two) The Scale of Things

Scope and Content

Typescript verse, with the author's annotations and revisions. Young Women is a work in three parts, as follows: I, 'Like a Spring Day' (see JDJ/1/1/3/12  and JDJ/1/1/3/21 ); II, 'The Scale of Things'; III, 'Ice and the Orchard' (see JDJ/1/1/3/23 , JDJ/1/1/3/24  and JDJ/1/1/3/27 ).

Contents of part two, as follows:

  • I, 'Verses to His Wife: In Vienna';
  • II, 'The Dark Comes Down';
  • III, 'March Days at Geneva';
  • IV, 'Look Out on The Darkness';
  • V, 'Verses to His Wife: The Park';
  • VI, 'On Accepting Limitations';
  • VII, 'A History';
  • VIII, 'Verses to His Wife: Scent of Hyacinth'; 'Cobea on the House Wall'.

Related Material

See also JDJ/1/1/3/22 for a fully revised copy. Several of these poems were printed in Darkness and the Spring, 1971, see JDJ/1/1/5/18