Attested Copy Deed of Covenant

Scope and Content

(i) Goerge Harley Drummond of Stanmore, co. Middlesex, esq

(ii) Sir Edward Hamilton of Emanuel College, University of Cambridge, knight; John Drummond of Charing Cross in the parish of St. Martin and the Fields, co. Middlesex, esq.; Thomas Parker of Astle, co. Chester, esq

(iii) Thomas Fitzhugh of Stanope St., Mayfair, co. Middlesex

(iv) Rt. Hon. John Freeman, Lord Redesdale of Redesdale, co. Northumberland; Rt. Hon. George Percy commonly called Lord Lovaine, Henry Drummond of Charing Cross, esq.; John Beauclerk of the Hon. Soc. of the Inner Temple, London, esq.

Production of title deeds (1716-1811) at Messers Drummonds, Charing Cross