Cymru 1914

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Scope and Content

This collection features digitised primary sources relating to how events during World War One impacted on the lives of people living in Wales and the language and culture of the Welsh nation.

Contributors to the collection include universities, archives, records offices and the BBC. The specialist user community has also added material to the archive.

The collection features newspaper articles, photographs and journals relating to the Welsh at war. It also features audio material from interviews with Welsh World War One veterans, which were recorded during the 1970s.

The collection has been designed to develop over time and access is free to all.

Access Information

Unless otherwise stated, content within this collection is licensed under Creative Commons.


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A Jisc funded digitisation initiative. Publisher: The National Library of Wales

Additional Information

This material is of use to those working in the areas of Welsh and UK 21st century history.

It is of particular use to those studying Welsh history, language and culture and the history of the First World War, as well as to those working in the wider areas of linguistics, social history and sociology.

Much of the material in this collection can be re-used, either under a Creative Commons licence or because it is out-of-copyright.

Some material is protected by copyright and may not be re-used, or downloaded. Material under copyright is clearly marked and users should check the ‘Copyright’ section of the collection site for more information.