The Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection

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Scope and Content

This collection offers digitised access to the work of leading UK fashion and textile designer, Zandra Rhodes. Garments can be viewed from the front, back, side and close-up and the curated selection covers the whole of Zandra Rhode' career - from the late 1960s to the present day.

Over 1000 pages of fashion drawings can also be explored, by following a link on the site. The entire Zandra Rhodes collection is represented in these online sketchbooks, where users can access the designs for every piece created by Zandra Rhodes throughout her career.

The collection's website offers enchanced content, such as video tutorials and interviews with the designer. Topics for the Zandra Rhodes Studio tutorials include sketchbooks, screen printing and bias binding.

In the ‘Ask Zandra’ section, the designer speaks about specific items from her 1960s, 1970s and 1980s portfolio. She also discusses the process of digitising her collection and wearing her own clothes.

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Unless otherwise stated, content within this collection is licensed under Creative Commons.


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A Jisc funded digitisation initiative. Publisher: Zandra Rhodes Studio & University of the Creative Arts

Additional Information

This collection provides unique, learning-based access to a leading designer's working process. It will appeal to students, teachers and fans of fashion.

It has also been designed to appeal to those working in the areas of fashion and textile manufacturing or research. The collection is also of specific appeal to those who follow the work of Zandra Rhodes.

The extra resources - such as the video tutorials - enhance the user's experience of viewing the archive. They have been designed to help the next generation of designers and teachers develop their working processes and design approaches, as well as to create a globally-available fashion heritage archive.