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Florence Nightingale was a prodigious letter-writer throughout her life, in the Crimea and afterwards on a great variety of topics. For example, these letters contain details of her experience and opinions on the design and construction of hospitals, military medicine and nursing, nurse administrators and supervision, the study and teaching of nursing, the provision of rural health services, sanitary engineering and public health, statistics, and workhouses.

The collected letters of Florence Nightingale are held by several partner organisations in the UK and USA. The Florence Nightingale Museum, Boston University Howard Gottlieb Research Center, the Royal College of Nursing and the Wellcome Library have now been joined by the Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library, the British Red Cross, the Center for the History of Medicine Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine Harvard University, Derbyshire Record Office, U.S. National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health (History of Medicine Division), The University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Pittsburgh Health Science Library System, and the UNC Health Sciences Library,


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New contributors welcome - contact Boston University Howard Gotlieb Research Center or Florence Nightingale Museum for details.

Additional Information

We hope this portal will be a valuable tool to anyone interested in Florence Nightingale or who is engaged in research on any of the topics encompassed in the archives. The website also allows users to view the digital images of the correspondence authored by her. While nothing can match the experience of holding and reading an original letter by Florence Nightingale, having access to a high quality digital reproduction really is the next best thing.

The model developed for the project is inclusive, and we welcome repositories to consider joining if they have ten, 100, or 1,000 original letters. The goal is to help to share Florence Nightingale with the world. This webpage is a resource for students, scholars and all those who respect and admire "The Lady with the Lamp." We welcome you to explore the remarkable legacy that Florence Nightingale has left for us in her extensive correspondence.