The North's Forgotten Female Reformers: Women's suffrage and fight for reform and change throughout the UK

Scope and Content

The North's Forgotten Female Reformers is an online digital exhibition that uncovers the involvement of Northern women in movements which fought for women's suffrage, change and reform through the UK as illustrated with the use of items from Newcastle University Library's Special Collections and Archives.

Using archival from Newcastle University Library's Special Collectios and Archives, this digital resource highlights achievements of remarkable women; Ethel Williams, Elizabeth Spence Watson, women in the Union of Democratic Control (UDC), Lady Plowden and The Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE).

This online exhibition was based on an exhibition display in the Philip Robinson Library in 2018 that was inspired by the centenary celebrations of women's suffrage.

Access Information

Online exhibition open to the public.

If you find an item you would like to consult from this online exhibition in the Special Collections reading room in the Philip Robinson Library, simply make a note of the reference number and title of the item(s) you are interested in and place an order by linking to our Request Form.


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Related Material

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Additional Information

We hope this online resource will be of use to students and researchers interested in women's rights and the suffrage movement.