The Serving Soldier

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Scope and Content

A growing and varied digital archive, currently covering the lives of soldiers from 1899 to 1918 and spanning the Second Boer War, Younghusband Expedition and World War One. Letters, photographs, posters, military booklets and campaign notes create a vivid picture of life as a serving solder for the scholar, teacher or enthusiast.

The collection has been divided into themes, campaigns and a library of resources, with material also listed by type, secondary themes and an A to Z. This is a must for anyone seeking to understand and illuminate military life serving the British Empire or research the background of real-life stories behind some of the 20th century's most famous conflicts.


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Additional Information

Secondary and primary sources on life as a member of serving military personnel create an engaging backdrop to any history lesson or detailed study.

The collection also features biographies of leading military figures, detailing which related documents from the collection can provide an accessible access route into further study or research.