cenSAMM. This collection contains a number of on-line resources relating to apocalyptic and millenarian movements.

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Scope and Content

Online materials on apocalyptic and millenarian movements are available across the web but rarely gathered together as an overarching theme. To address this, the Centre for the Critical Study of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements (CenSAMM) have collected a series of freely available online resources that can be accessed from one place.

The collection includes numerous videos and podcasts for the critical study of apocalyptic and millenarian movements—from Christian origins to contemporary culture—are freely available within this collection. The focus is, largely, Christian (or Christian related) but cenSAMM aim to develop further areas of interest in due course.

The collection includes invaluable material from the archives of INFORM (Information Network Focus on Religious Movements) about modern millenarian movements on its website. The Panacea Charitable Trust and CenSAMM are grateful to INFORM for making this available to a wider audience.

The collection also includes open-access materials relating to the critical study of apocalyptic and millenarian movements, with particular reference to Christian-related topics (for now). While the definitions of "apocalyptic" and "millenarian" are broadly understood, the material collected here is more narrowly assumed to be related to the academic study (historical, sociological, psychological, phenomenological, etc) of such movements. These resources have been categorized chronologically and thematically for convenience largely based on material that is freely available. However, as some movements and themes do not fit neatly into such classifications, you may find that you have to check other categories to find what you are looking for. The categories (incorporating subcategories) are:

  • General themes and topics
  • Medieval
  • 20th Century, Contemporary
  • A.I.
  • Biblical, Early Christian, Early Jewish
  • Reformation, Early Modern, C19
  • Culture
  • Environmental

Administrative / Biographical History

The Centre for the Critical Study of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements (CenSAMM) was established to promote high quality critical and academic research into apocalyptic and millenarian movements across time, place and culture. The Centre is supported by the Panacea Charitable Trust, which is the non-religious successor organization to the Panacea Society, established when the Panacea Society ceased to exist as a religious community. (There is more information about the history and beliefs of the Panacea Society on the museum pages.) As such, while the Centre welcomes scholars of all religions and none, CenSAMM is not religiously aligned and seeks to foster scholarship in the field of apocalyptic and millenarian studies without taking a confessional standpoint.

An important function of the Centre is promoting public understanding of the issues surrounding the study of apocalyptic and millenarian movements, and the nature and history of those movements in themselves. Thus, the Centre seeks to develop the research and scholars it supports to ensure that their scholarly endeavours are helped to translate into publicly accessible and useful sources of information.


This is a description of an Online Resource. Online Resources are websites that describe, interpret and provide access to archives. They often provide access to digital content but they may also describe physical materials. They usually cover a theme or topic, such as an individual, a movement, or an important historical event.

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