A Vision of Britain Through Time

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Scope and Content

This collection draws on information from a wide variety of sources to delineate changes in the statistical make-up and social backdrop to life across the variety of socio-economic groupings in Britain between 1801 and 2000.

The archive features comprehensive statistics from general elections and census reports throughout the period, alongside historical maps outlining the changing landscape of Britain and a significant collection of British travel writing.


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Access this resource online: http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/


A Jisc funded digitisation initiative. Publisher: University of Portsmouth

Additional Information

This collection is of great and varied use to any one teaching, studying or researching social, economic, political or local history, as well as sociology, population trends, statistics and literature.

The collection offers ample opportunity to interrogate and explore primary and secondary source material charting two hundred years of revolutionary change across the British landscape and people.