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Scope and Content

This rich and easily accessible archive offers access to tens of thousands of primary and secondary sources on the lives of the women of Yorkshire, dating from 1100 to the present day. Diaries, letters, medical case notes, school exercise books, recipe books and photographs can all be found in the collection, which is a joint venture between multiple organisations in Yorkshire and represents women from all classes throughout the written history of the county.

The collection is organised into key themes, such as Prominent Women (which holds letters from the Brontë sisters and the aviation pioneer, Amy Johnson) and Women and Work (which offers sources relating to women's work in education, nursing, the woollen mills, domestic labour and music). Other themes are Women and War, Women and Politics, Women's Correspondence, Women's Associations, Women and Mental Health and Women's Diaries.


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A Jisc funded digitisation initiative. Publisher: West Yorkshire Archive Service, University of Huddersfield, The Bronte Society, Hull Local Studies Library & Leeds City Council Libraries

Additional Information

There are numerous access points to this collection – browsing key themes, searching with reference to the catalogue list or accessing the variety of learning resources presented to users – which make this collection of great use to teachers, students and researchers of general history, women's history, the history of Yorkshire and social history.

The collection offers women-related sources on a range of topics - from the history of asylums and knitting circles, to wartime cooking and the organisation of the women's Fire Guard during the Second World War.

Users can access full information on how to search the archive's catalogue, as well as glossary of terms, useful links, frequently asked questions, a collection showcase and a browsable image gallery.