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  • Archival and Other Holdings

    GB 2381 BOA: British Olympic Association Archive Collection. (1906-2009).

    Papers of the British Olympic Association, 1906-2009, comprising:

    Minutes of the Council of the British Olympic Association, 1906-1928; minutes of the committees and sub committees of the British Olympic Association, notably: Finance Committee, later General Purposes Committee, later Executive Committee, 1919-2009; Housing Committee, 1926-1936; Parliamentary Sports Committee, 1952-1970; Olympic Day Sub-Committee, 1978-1984; National Olympic Committee, 1987-2009;

    Administrative records, mostly correspondence relating to David George Brownlow Cecil, Lord Burghley, later Marquess of Exeter, in his roles as chair and later president of the British Olympic Association, member of the International Olympic Committee and also president of the International Amateur Athletics Federation, 1951-1957;

    Correspondence and administrative records of the General Secretary of the British Olympic Association, 1910-1977 [incomplete]; correspondence, reports and papers relating to Parliamentary debates and central government committees on the subject of sport, 1960-1995, including material relating to the proposed boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, 1980; invitations, menus and programmes for fundraising events organised by the British Olympic Association, 1908-2006; publications, articles, conference papers and text of speeches written mostly by members of the British Olympic Association, 1904-[2000;.

    Results, correspondence, reports and other papers relating to the British Olympic Association's Medical Research Project to determine the physical effects of altitude training on athletes in preparation for the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games, 1965-1968;

    Newspaper cuttings on sporting subjects, with an emphasis on British sportsmen and women and their achievements including cuttings collated on Olympic and Commonwealth Games, 1923-1975, 1983-1989;

    Pamphlets, programmes, press cuttings and commemorative material relating to the 1908 London Olympic Games, 1906-1908, 2007-2008;

    Minute books, agreements and licences, financial records, press cuttings, photographs, programmes and tickets relating to the 1948 London Olympic Games, 1936-1952; album containing press cuttings, photographs, programmes and other ephemera collated by John Emrys Lloyd mostly concerning the 1948 Games, in particular the fencing events, 1937-1977;

    Papers relating to the preparations for the 2012 London Olympic Games, including: reports, briefing papers and feasibility studies mostly commissioned by the BOA in consideration of London bidding to host the Olympic Games, 1978-2003; minutes of evidence, briefing papers, copy correspondence, memoranda, press cuttings, press releases and notes relating to local and central Government committee's investigations into the staging of international sporting events, the construction of a national stadium and supporting bids from British cities to host the Olympic Games, 1990-2003; pamphlets and newsletters providing updates on the progress of the construction and organization for the 2012 London Olympic Games, 2004-2008; press cuttings mostly on sporting subjects but including articles showing support for or controversies surrounding London's bid for the Olympic Games, 2002-2007;

    Biographical information, mostly taken from journal articles, concerning Great Britain's Olympic champions, 1948-2006, notably including medals, trophies, certificates and photographs, 1944-2005, relating to the cyclist Wilfred Waters who was a bronze medallist for Great Britain at the 1948 London Olympic Games;

    Material relating to the International Olympic Committee, including minutes, papers, agendas and other administrative material concerning the general meetings or sessions of the International Olympic Committee and its sub-committees, 1939-1981; presentation documents, reports and other material relating to prospective cities' bids to the IOC to be considered as host for the 1936-2016 summer and winter Olympic Games between, 1933-2009 [incomplete];

    Progress reports, sports programmes, newsletters, rules and regulations for participants, and other commemorative material, mostly produced by the Organizing Committees for each summer and winter Olympic Games, [1896]-2008 [incomplete].

    GB 2381 CGF: Commonwealth Games Federation Archive Collection. (1937-2006).

    Papers of the Commonwealth Games Federation, 1937-2006, comprising: Central administrative records of the General Secretary, 1937-1986 [very incomplete]; Table plan for the dinner of the British Empire and Commonwealth Games Council for England, 1954; Sample embroidered blazer badge of the new CGF emblem, [1974];

    Summary of the results of the 1986 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games; Team handbook for the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games; Official Team England Reports of the 1990, 1998 and 2006 Commonwealth Games; Technical booklets for the sporting competitions of the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games;

    Application by the city of Birmingham to bid to host the 1982 Commonwealth Games, Feb 1975; Applications by the cities of Sheffield, London and Manchester to be chosen as the English candidate to bid for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, 1993-1994; Bid by the city of Melbourne to host the 2006 Commonwealth Games, [1999];

    'All that glitters', the official film of the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games, 1982; Press releases launching the fundraising appeal to send Team England to the 1994 Commonwealth Games, [1993].

    GB 2381 CSG: Commercial School for Girls, Walthamstow. (1923-1937).

    Records of the Commercial School for Girls, Walthamstow, comprising:

    'The Lantern', student magazine of the Commercial School for Girls, 1923-1937.

    GB 2381 HE: Hackney Empire collection. (1962-2009).

    Papers of the Hackney Empire collection, 1962-2009, comprising:

    Material relating to the CAST theatre troupe, 1962-1985, including: papers concerning Roland Muldoon's theatre training, membership of the Unity Theatre, drama classes at the Working Men's College, London, and the foundation of CAST, 1962-1969; correspondence, financial records, publicity material, scripts, press cuttings, tour schedules, photographs and audio recordings regarding CAST productions, 1966-1985, film reels of CAST film 'Planet of the Mugs', [1972];

    Material relating to CAST Presentations Ltd, CAST New Variety Ltd and New Variety Performers Agency, 1982-[mid 1990s], including: minutes of management meetings, 1982-1990; correspondence and other administrative material relating to the running of CAST New Variety, [1983]-1986; proposals seeking home venues for the CAST New Variety, 1980-1985; minutes, correspondence, reports and other material relating to Diorama Arts Ltd, 1984-1989; publicity material for comedians, musicians and other cabaret acts either for spots in CAST New Variety shows or representation by New Variety Performers Agency, 1983-[mid 1990s]; posters and flyers advertising CAST New Variety shows, [1983]-1986; financial records, 1980-1991;

    Material relating to Hackney Empire Theatre and Hackney New Variety Ltd, 1986-2009, including: minutes of management meetings, 1988-2005 (very incomplete); correspondence, 1988-2004 (very incomplete); press cuttings, 1986-2007; posters and programmes for Hackney Empire productions, 1986-2009; photographs, video recordings and other material relating to New Act of the Year, 1991-[2000] (very incomplete).

    GB 2381 LEY: Leyton Technical Institute. (1898-1938).

    Records of the Leyton Technical Institute, later Leyton Technical College, 1898-1938, comprising:

    Press cuttings, 1898-1907, 1932 [note: currently closed due to poor condition]; prospectus for the Evening Classes, winter session, 1923-1924; invitations and programmes for prize giving ceremonies, 1921-1932; invitation and programmes for exhibitions of work by the students from the School of Art, 1928-1930; 'LETS Review', nos 2-3, 1924, magazine of the Leyton Engineering and Trade School; 'Leyton Technical College Magazine', July 1938; annual sports day programmes, 1924-1932; booklet containing football fixtures for season 1933-1934.

    GB 2381 NELP: North East London Polytechnic institutional archive. (1968-1992).

    Records of the North East London Polytechnic, later Polytechnic of East London, 1968-1992, including:

    Minutes and papers of the Board of Governors, 1969-1992; Minutes and papers of the Academic Board, 1968-1991; Annual Reports, 1970-1991; Prospectuses, Student handbooks and guides to the Polytechnic, 1970-1992; Programmes for events and ceremonies, 1970-1985, notably the for the Inauguration and Designation Ceremonies of the new Polytechnic, 1970; Internal newsletters and magazines, 1970-[1999]; papers relating to selected departments, [1970s-1980s], including the Anglian Regional Management Centre; administrative and published papers of George Brosan, first Director of the Polytechnic, [1970s].

    GB 2381 C42396: Refugee Council Archive. (1951-Present).

    Papers of the Refugee Council relating to all aspects of refugee history, policy and practice, both in the UK and worldwide, from the 1950s to the time of writing. The collection comprises published books and journals, published and unpublished articles and reports; conference papers; pamphlets and leaflets; newsletters, research papers including interviews, questionnaires and case studies; field reports; working papers; statistical data; press cuttings; bibliographies and audio-visual resources including videos, DVDs, tapes, CDs, multi media CD-ROMs, photographs and slides. Topics include conditions in the countries of origin of refugees; causes of flight; migration; asylum; assistance and relief programmes; adaptation and integration of refugees into new communities; groups including ethnic groups, religious groups, gender groups, age groups, social class and family; and organisations including intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations.

    GB 2381 SEET: South East Essex Technical College. (1936-1970).

    Records of the South East Essex Technical College, later Barking Regional College of Technology, 1936-1970, comprising:

    Prospectuses, 1936-1969 [incomplete]; records of the Social and General Studies, Commercial and Science Departments, 1949-1970, notably manuscript lecture notes of Frederick A Filby, lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Biology, [1954-1965]; joint reports of the Association of Technical Institutions, the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions and the Association of Teachers in Technical Institutions, relating to the design of technical colleges, 1935,1938; programmes for opening ceremonies and prize giving, 1936-1966; photographs mostly of the exterior of South East Essex Technical College, [1940s-1960s]; press cuttings, [1947-1970]; reports and histories relating to the formation of North East London Polytechnic, 1962-1969; Borough of Barking Council minutes, 1938-1965; County Council of Essex Health Committee minutes, 1952.

    GB 2381 SWET: South West Essex Technical College and School of Art.

    GB 2381 UEL: University of East London archive collection. (1992-2010).

    Papers of the University of East London, 1992-2010, including:

    Minutes and papers of the Board of Governors, 1994-2010 [incomplete]; Minutes and papers of the Academic Board, 1992-2002, 2004; Prospectuses, 1993-2010 [incomplete]; Reports and papers relating to Teaching Quality Assurance assessments, 1994-2001; In house magazines, 1999-2005; Photographs, [1990s-2000].

    GB 2381 WSA: Walthamstow School of Art. (1902-1908).

    Records of the Walthamstow School of Art, 1902-1908, comprising:

    Manuscript minutes of the Walthamstow Higher Education Committee, November 1902-July 1906; manuscript reports of the Headmaster of the School of Art, including press cuttings, lists of prize winners and notices of exhibitions, 1906-1908.

    GB 2381 WTC: Walthamstow Technical Institute. (1920-1938).

    Records of the Walthamstow Technical Institute, later Walthamstow Technical College, 1920-1938, comprising:

    Prospectuses, 1920, 1932; 'The Anvil', Magazine of Walthamstow Technical College, 1936-1938.

    GB 2381 WHM: West Ham College of Technology. (1898-1970).

    Records of the West Ham College of Technology and its predecessors, 1898-1970, comprising:

    Minutes of the Board of Governors, 1959-1965; Minutes of the Board of Studies, 1924-1960; Minutes of the Academic Board, 1964-1969; minutes and report of the University Board, 1933-1958; Board of Education circulars, 1911-1919;

    Correspondence and general administration, 1911-1970, notably the establishment of the new Polytechnic, 1968-1970;Annual Report, 1966-1967;

    Day student lists (incomplete),1914-1961; Sessional reports for evening and part-time courses (incomplete), 1905-1957; Fee Registers, 1949-1955; Exam results (incomplete), [1914]-1957;

    Exam papers, 1951-1956; Prospectuses and Course Handbooks (incomplete), 1899-1970;

    Records of the Engineering Department, 1904-1962; Financial records (incomplete), 1948-1970; Records of the Students' Union and its Clubs (incomplete), 1930-1970; Staff and student publications, 1963-1970; Student Laboratory Reports, 1955-1964;

    Minutes of the Technical Instruction Committee of the County Borough of West Ham, 1898-1918; Minutes of Council and Reports of Committees of the County Borough of West Ham, 1946-1964; Minutes of Education Committee of the County Borough of West Ham, 1954-1963.

    GB 2381 C201015: East London People's Archive (Eastside Community Heritage). (1995-2012).

    The East London Peoples Archive, 1995-2007, including over 1000 oral histories collected as part of projects conducted by the Eastside Community Heritage to document the lives of 'ordinary' people in East London on topics including World War Two; women's history; markets; boxing; ethnic groups in East London including Somali and Chinese; food; parks and the hijab. Also including DVDs on East London local history produced by Eastside Community Heritage comprising Eastside voices: from Canning Town to Custom House , 2003; My Roots, Our Heritage , 2006 and Our Brick Lane , 2007. Published books and booklets on East London local history, chiefly published by Eastside Community Heritage including A Working Class War and Hidden Lives: stories from the East End and index to photographs collected as part of projects by Eastside Community Heritage comprising black and white thumbnail reproductions.

    GB 2381 C201014: Northern Refugee Centre Archive. (1983-2009).

    Papers of the Northern Refugee Centre, from 1983 to the time of writing, chiefly comprising files arranged by country containing material on refugees including: pamphlets and leaflets, published and unpublished reports, offprints of articles, press cuttings, newsletters and press releases. The collection also comprises annual reports from other refugee organisations and published material on refugees.

  • History

    The UEL Archive was initially founded in November 2002 with the arrival of the Refugee Council Archive. The Archive has continued to develop with new collections in the form of the British Olympic Association and the Hackney Empire Theatre Archive. The collections are based now on our Docklands and Stratford Campuses.