Lloyd’s Register Foundation, Heritage and Education Centre

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    • 71 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 4BS, United Kingdom
  • Opening Hours
    • Closed for refurbishment throughout 2021.
  • Access Information
      With the exceptions of the stipulations below, and any special conservation requirements, our information is considered open access, though the Heritage and Education Centre reserves the right to restrict access to information as it sees fit. Access information is listed at the catalogue entry record. All archive material has a recorded location for retrieval and ease of access. For the purposes of the protection and security of the collection, physical access to archive records held without a recorded location is prohibited. Access to records of vessels or installations still in commission or service, or which form the subject of ongoing legal proceedings or official inquiry is closed. Closure periods last for a total of seven years from the date of decommission, or from the conclusion of inquiry/legal proceedings, whichever is later. By physically accessing the reading room and public archive spaces you agree to comply with our terms of use, reading room regulations and any/all registration requirements.
  • Facilities for Disabled Persons
      Once the archive has opened in 2022, a new DDA lift will be located outside the Colcutt building for disabled access.