UK Data Archive

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      +44 (0)1206 872001
  • Address
    • University of EssexWivenhoe Park, ColchesterCO4 3SQ, United Kingdom
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    • Digital service: open 24 hours a day; Email/telephone help desk open during office hours, 5 days a week, excluding bank holidays and advertised periods of downtime.
  • Access Information
      The majority of access to the UK Data Service collections takes place online. Some data collections are open and available to the public; others are safeguarded and require an end user licence to be agreed. The final set of data collections are controlled and available only to trusted researchers who, once approved, may visit the UK Data Service Safe Centre to gain access to these sensitive data, subject to a statistical disclosure control process, or may access them remotely.
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  • Facilities for Disabled Persons
      The UK Data Archive building complies with all disability legislation. The UK Data Archive and UK Data Service websites all comply with accessibility standards.