MS music score and lyrics of various Cantatas by J.S. Bach

Scope and Content

MS ink on paper.

Cantatas by J.S. Bach in various hands: ink and pencil. Occasionally lyrics in red ink.

Lyrics variously in English and German.

As follows:

  • No. 2 'Ah God, in mercy look from heaven': Violin Solo
  • No. 38 'From depths of woe'
  • No. 47 no. 2 'Aria'
  • No. 49 'Ich ger und suche mit Verlangen'
  • Sinfonia from Church Cantata No. 76 [includes tipped in printed sheet 'J.S. Bach - Sinfonia to Church Cantata No. 76 (Cello I) 'Die Himmel erzahlen Ehre Gottes' (Oxford University Press, 1925)]
  • No. 82 'Ich Habe Genug': 5 parts, 2 x Violin I, 2 x Violin II and Cello
  • No. 110 'Oboe d'amore'
  • Aria from Church Cantata No. 116: 2 parts, 'Oboe d'amore' and a bass clef accompaniment
  • No. 121: 2 parts, 1st Violin and Cello
  • No. 122 'God is our friend': 3 parts Violin I, Viola and another in bass clef
  • No. 148 'Bringet dem Herrn Ehre seines Namens': Cor Anglais
  • No. 163: 2 parts, 2 x Violin II
  • No. 197: No. 8 Aria: Oboe D'amore I
  • No. 197: No. 3 Aria: Oboe d'amore

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