Deed of gift

Scope and Content

Parties: (1) Peter de Dutton; (2) Geoffrey, his eldest son, and Margaret, his wife.

Details: Grant, by (1) to (2) and the heirs of their bodies, of lands in Aston [by Sutton], namely all the lands held by Adam de Tressewalleshe, Richard de Faldey, Ranulph de Faldey, Richard Durge, Roger the priest, Robert Keml, Robert Schayl, Robert Vabrn, Alexander and John le Sinover, Thomas de More, and John del Mere; also, of a rent of 6s. from Richard son of John de Quetale, 6s. 6d. from Helve de Pikemere, 5s. 6d. from Alexander de Plinules, 10d. from Henry de Monilves, 5s. 2d. from Robert de Shorwes; also of twenty-four acres of waste land in Aston.

Witnesses: Reginald de Grey, justice of Chester; Hamon de Massey; Richard de Massey; Geoffrey de Dutton; William Danyers.