Deed of gift

Scope and Content

Parties: (1) Peter de Dutton; (2) Adam son of William son of Hammond de Walton.

Details: Grant, by (1) to (2), of one acre of land in Hough and the wood, abutting west to the land which Adam had from him before, abutting south on Holghebroke, and abutting north on Buralys [Appleton, Walton?], to hold to him and his heirs and assigns, except men of religion and the lord-in-chief; rendering 6d. a year and (2) to have marl in some convenient place.

Witnesses: lord Roger of Manchester, then Prior of Norton; lord Hugh de Dutton; Robert, his brother; Nicholas de Leicester, knights; Ranulph Starkey; Henry le Norris; Alan de Walton; Thomas his son; John de Hatton; William de Weston; William Danyers; William de Sutton; Simon de Stockton, clerk; and others.