Deed of gift

Scope and Content

Parties: (1) Hugh de Dutton; (2) his son, Adam.

Details: Grant, by (1) to (2), of one carucate of land in Weston [near Runcorn], four bovates being of the demesne, and four of rustic (unploughed) land; rendering annually one pair of gilt-spurs, and doing (for the unploughed land) such foreign service as pertaining to a knight's fee, with homage due to Hugh's son, Hugh.

Witnesses: Henry, Prior of Norton; Richard Phitone; Geoffrey Escrop; Ione de Daivilla; Ralph de Bidon; Randolph son of Gilbert; John son of Tristan; Matthew, his son; Hammond de Berdinton; Henry de Eastley; Wrono; Waryn; William son of Ivo; Robert son of Roger; Haket son of Haket; Geoffrey de Meringes; Gilbert son of Ranulph; William the legat.