Scope and Content

Parties: (1) Sir Peter Warburton and his wife Elizabeth; (2) Sir William Brereton; (3) William Brereton, aged 18, cousin [grandson] and heir apparent of Sir William Brereton (son of William, son of Sir William); (4) Jane Warburton, aged 12, daughter of (1); (5) John Warburton, aged 15, son and heir of (1); (6) Mary Brereton, aged 18, daughter of (2).

Details: Settlement, by (1) to (2), of lands in Malpas, Duckington, Barton, Tilston, Caldecott, Shocklach, and Cuddington [Cheshire] on the marriage of (3) with (4); and on the marriage of (5) with (6). Also see ARL/12/12.