Scope and Content

Parties: (1) Sir John Warburton, knight; (2) John Bruyn, Esquire; Richard Bunbury, Esquire; James Burrows, gentleman; and Richard Starkey, gentleman, son and heir of Thomas Starkey of Stretton, gentleman; (3) Sibella, sister of Richard Starkey; (4) Thomas Warburton, bastard son of (3); (5) Richard and Geoffrey Warburton, bastard sons of (3).

Details: Settlement, by (1) to (2), of two messuages, forty acres of land, ten acres of meadows, forty acres of pastures, eight acres of woods, ten acres of moor, and ten acres of moss, in Grappenhall and Appleton, Cheshire, for the use of (3) for life, rendering 3s. a year; with remainder to (4) and the heirs male of his body, and to (5), in like manner. Dated at Appleton.