Deed of gift

Scope and Content

Parties: (1) John, constable of Chester; (2) Adam de Dutton.

Details: Grant by (1) to (2) of his demesne toft with a virgate in Halton, and the meadow in Clifton, which Adam had enclosed with a ditch; quit of all service except the rendering of one sparrowhawk p.a. to John or to his bailiff at Halton.

Witnesses: Nicholas, clerk of Marnaham; Ione de Daivilla; Stephen, brother of the Earl of Richmond; Robert son of Roger; William Patrick; Roger Burdun; Robert de […]lca; Geoffrey de Meringes; William de Camvilla; Walter son of Gilbert; Ralph Coquo; Fulk de Castello; William, clerk of Comberbach; William Legat.