Priestley, collected papers

Scope and Content

  • MS 193;BJ Sydney university papers, 1910 [Letters written prior to departure on British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913, Lecture notes, by David, extracts from Thomson's Oxford lectures, notes on petrology of rocks collected by Borchgrevink from Antarctica etc] 1 volume
  • MS 1097/16/1-2;D Papers (2) on the psychology of polar exploration, 1914 and 1955 [The psychology of exploration, 1914. The polar expedition as a psychological study, 1955] 71 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/31/1-4;D Lecture, 1914 [Penguins] 4 copies, 72 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1629/1;D Syllabus for the course of Polar lectures at the University of Cambridge, 1920 to 1930, holograph
  • MS 1097/26/1-7;D Analyses (7) of the cause of the Scott tragedy, 1923-1942, circa 63 leaves, mainly typescript
  • MS 1097/36/108;D Biographies and obituaries (8), 1923-1960 [Sir James Boyd Adams, Captain Victor Campbell, Tannant Edgeworth David 1923, Lincoln Ellsworth (Rotary Club talk, 18 December 1935), Stanley Noel Priestley (1888-1916), Robert Falcon Scott, John Robert Francis Wild] circa 88 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/6;BJ Lecture notes, Michaelmas term 1923 [The history and science of Polar Exploration] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/7;BJ Lecture notes, Lent term 1924 [The history and science of Polar Exploration] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/8;BJ Lectures and notes, 1924-1925 [The history and science of the polar explorers and related papers (subsidiary)] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/9;BJ Lecture notes, 1925-1926 [Man and the polar regions] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/10;BJ Lectures and lecture notes, 1926-1927 [The exploration and exploitation of Antarctica] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1451;D Personnel of polar expeditions, 1926 [His reflections on the selection of the best staff for polar expeditions, drawing on examples from his own experience] 7 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/11;BJ Lectures and lecture notes, Lent term 1928, [Man and the Polar Regions&, including other Antarctic papers] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/12;BJ Lectures and lecture notes, Lent term 1930 [Course of subsidiary lectures for the Ordinary B A degree on scientific aspects of polar exploration] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/13;D Lecture notes, Lent term 1930 [Scientific aspects of polar exploration, synopsis of a series of lectures, 1 to 4, 6, 9 and 12] 35 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/18/1-10;D Miscellaneous Antarctic reminiscences, 1935-1968 [Lectures, speeches, notes] circa 123 leaves
  • MS 1907/37/1-13;D Miscellaneous non polar reminiscences (13), 1936 to 1968 [Tewkesbury, the war (1914-1918), University career, ] circa 173 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/38/1-4;D Lectures (3) and article on university life, 1940-1951 [University college of the West Indies and the Jamaica Hurricane of 1951, The English civic universities, 1949, University administration illustrated by the experience of a cog in the University machine, 1949 and British universities and total war, 1944] circa 72 leaves
  • MS 1097/35/1-3;D Notes on Antarctic research activities, [1950] [Comprising of copied extracts from books, articles, newspapers, and conversations] circa 1000 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/40;D Miscellaneous speeches and speech notes, 1950-1962 [Including addresses to the Antarctic Club, 1950 and 1958, Royal Geographical Society, 1962, Royal Commonwealth Society, 1958,Leys School, 1958 and numerous after dinner speeches]
  • MS 1097/41;D Conversation transcripts, 1955-1956 [With James Fisher] 27 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/15/1-5;D Text of lecture, October 1959 [Antarctic exploration today and yesterday, given at the Institute, including published version from The Polar Record, (1960) volume 10 p11-15] 5 copies, typescript, printed and duplicates
  • MS 507;BJ Scrapbook regarding Tannant William Edgeworth David [Published and unpublished papers including letters from David and Lady C M David] 1 volume
  • MS 1097/14;D Miscellaneous polar lecture notes, undated, 49 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/17/1-14;D Miscellaneous ephemera on polar regions [Articles and lecture notes (14)] circa 174 leaves
  • MS 1097/19;D Notebook, undated [Containing drafts of Prelude to Antarctic adventure and Between two expeditions] 62 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1097/20/1-3;D Prelude to Antarctic adventure, undated, 3 copies, 29 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/21/1-8;D Between two expeditions, undated 8 copies, typescript
  • MS 1097/22/1-3;D Antarctic adventure with Shackleton and Scott, undated [Lecture notes (3 copies) including outline, annotated draft and neat copy] 47 leaves, typescript and carbon
  • MS 1097/23;BJ Polar papers, undated [Containing Prelude to Antarctic adventure, Between two expeditions, The aftermath, The psychology of polar exploration, Survey and polar exploration and The song of the mammals] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/24;BJ Occasional polar papers, undated [Contents same as MS 1097/23;BJ with addition of Dog transport] 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/25;D Analysis of Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen's South Pole journeys, 17 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/28;BJ A new genetic classification of land ice forms, undated 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/29;BJ The natural history of Antarctic fast-ice, undated, 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/30;BJ The Antarctic ice foot and its geological significance, undated, 1 volume, typescript
  • MS 1097/32;D Notes on palaeoclimatology, undated, 16 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/33/1-5;D Miscellaneous scientific papers, undated [Lecture notes, Polar land ice, Antarctic weather and its causes, The volcanic rocks of Cape Adare, South Victorian Land, Note on the Antarctic seas in general, development of Antarctic whaling, work of the Discovery committee, Notes on Antarctic whaling] circa 33 leaves, holograph and typescript
  • MS 1097/34;D Notes on Antarctic history, undated [Comprising of copied extracts from books and articles] 75 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1097/39;D Signal service history [Sections of 1st draft, volume 2 part 1, chapters 1-3, Salonica, part 2 chapters 1-2 East Africa] 134 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1629/2;D Maps (4) 1 of South Victoria Land showing wind direction, 3 maps which show Antarctic geological features, holograph

Administrative / Biographical History

The papers comprise of lecture notes (both draft and final copies), speeches, maps, biographies and obituaries of polar explorers and miscellaneous scientific papers written by Priestley during the course of his life.

The lectures include Antarctic exploration and explorers, university life and administration. The collection also encompasses papers written on polar exploration.


The papers are arranged chronologically as far as possible and those undated in order of their accession to the Scott Polar Research Institute's archives.

Alternative Form Available

Several of the lectures are duplicated with holograph originals and typescript copies.