'Abdul the Awful' [1]

Scope and Content

Sheet of black and white, pen and ink line drawings to illustrate the short story 'Abdul the Awful', written and illustrated by Charlotte Hough and published in 'The Mixture as Before'. The sheet features four illustrations for the story, and is annotated with sizing instructions for the printer and the title of the story. A transparent overlay has been taped over one of the illustrations, but this overlay is unmarked. These illustrations appear on pages 153, 154 and 157 of the published book. A section has been cut out of the sheet in the top right corner, presumably to remove another illustration, but when or why this was done is not clear.

One of the original illustrations for this story, the one which appears on page 156 of the published book, is missing from the file. However, a printed page from one of Charlotte Hough's earlier anthologies which featured this story is included in the file [see CH/13/40]. The missing illustration appears on this page, and it was probably used to reproduce the missing illustration for the later anthology, 'The Mixture as Before'.