Draft:Sketch of Europe in 1797

Scope and Content

Draft, with the note: Sketch of Europe in 1797, unrolled by Dumouriez, colour'd, &c. by H.L. Piozzi. The Tableau speculatif de l'Europe of Charles-Francois Dumouriez appeared in 1798 and a translation by John Stockdale was published in London the same year as A speculative picture of Europe. Dumouriez had defected from Napoleon Bonaparte's army, and this work gives an anti-Republican reading of the state of Europe.

This draft is of a text by HLP written six years after the original publication. HLP asserts that, during this period, Dumouriez's fearful predictions had been verified. The text is a substantially abridged version of Dumouriez's work. HLP has probably translated direct from the French, but she revises the text significantly, using a dramatic and proselytic tone.

See also English MS 641  below.