Writings on Theological Subjects

Scope and Content

A notebook in HLP's hand. It consists of (folio 1) a letter to her daughter Susannah Thrale, dated 13 August 1786, responding to her request for religious instruction, with ten chapters, composed somewhat upon the Plan of Abbe Fleury's Historical Catechism, but shorter, headed:

  • (i) Of the Holy Scripture;
  • (ii) Of the Lord's Prayer;
  • (iii) Of the Creeds;
  • (iv) Of the Decalogue;
  • (v) Of the Sacraments;
  • (vi) Of the three Xtian Virtues;
  • (vii) Of the four cardinal virtues;
  • (viii) Of the Mysteries;
  • (ix) Of Ceremonies;
  • (x) Conclusion.

There is also (folio 23v) a Description of the Lutheran Communion on Advent Sunday as I saw it in the Church of Dresden, dit Nôtre Dame.