Letters from Hester Lynch Piozzi to Harriet Maria Pemberton (Salusbury)

Scope and Content

Letters from HLP to Harriet Maria Pemberton, who married HLP's adopted son, John Salusbury Piozzi Salusbury, in November 1814 and in 1817 became Lady Salusbury.

The volumes comprise:

  • Volume 1 (Eng MS 592), numbers 1-65, 1813-1817;
  • Volume 2 (Eng MS 593), numbers 66-130, 1817-1821.

Numbers 17, 82 and 109 have notes from John Salusbury Piozzi Salusbury; number 21 has a note to Mrs [Anna Maria] Pemberton (Harriet's mother); number 130 is incomplete.