Cecilia Thrale (Mostyn) Correspondence

Scope and Content

Letters to HLP and copies of letters sent by her dealing with her daughter Cecilia's affairs, in particular relating to Cecilia's marriage and inheritance. Numbers 8-9, 18-19, 21, 28, 31 are from Cecilia to her mother; number 22 is to Gabriel Piozzi; and there are letters from J[ohn]M[eredith] Mostyn, Robert Ray (lawyer), Henry Drummond, James Drummond, J[oseph] Crutchley, and others.

In June 1795 Cecilia Thrale, ran away and was married at Gretna Green to John Meredith Mostyn (1775-1807). The marriage was unhappy and the couple separated in 1805. After the death of Henry Thrale, the legal guardianship of his daughters had been placed in the hands of trustees, who included HLP, John Cator and Joseph Crutchley.