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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CXLIX. Notebook of poems, some fragmentary, aphorisms in verse and prose, and sketches; circa 1894-1896. Most of this volume consists of very short poems or observations, which are often untitled and so brief that it is uncertain whether they are intended to be verse or prose. It was written between 1894 and 1896, filling in pages not used for sketches from earlier years. Drafts of some of the poems on loose sheets extracted from another notebook are at Add. 73348. ff. 81-88. The present volume is discussed and quoted from at length in Ward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton ('Ward' hereafter), pp. 56-64, where it is referred to as "The notebook" and in D. Barker, op. cit. ('Barker' hereafter), pp. 52-53, 63-66, 176-177.

ff. 85. 252 x 202mm. Principal contents:

1. f. 4. 'In the evening', (The Coloured Lands, p. 86, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 55), 'Sunlight in a child's hair' (Ward, p. 210, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 30).

2. f. 4v. 'The book of souls', 'A lady', 'Bootlaces' (Ward, p. 242, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 197).

3. f. 5. 'What is love?', 'Public life', 'A pessimist'.

4. f. 5v. 'Grace' (Ward, p. 59, also in Barker, p. 65 and in C.W., vol. 10, p. 43), 'If I set the sun beside the moon' (Barker, p. 64, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 32 as 'Comparisons').

5. f. 6. 'A list' (Ward, p. 46, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 304), 'A grievance' (Ward, p. 57).

6. f. 6v. 'The average man'.

7. f. 7. 'Three things' (C.W., vol. 10, p. 82), 'A man born on the earth' (Ward, p. 60, also in C.W., vol. 10, pp. 229-230).

8. f. 8. 'Grass and children' (Ward, p. 210, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 43), 'Suddenly in the midst' (Ward, p. 77, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 75).

9. f. 8v. 'The Nativity by Botticelli' (Ward, p. 399, see also Add. 73348), 'Do I say no one has loved' (as 'Love', C.W., vol. 10, p. 62, see also Add. 73348), 'Sunday'.

10. f. 9. 'North Berwick' (Ward, p. 223, see also Add. 73270).

11. f. 11v. 'An idyll' (Ward, p. 47, also in Barker, p. 53, and in C.W., vol. 10, p. 282), 'A love letter', 'A tea party' (see also Add. 73270).

12. f. 12v. 'Once I found a friend' (Ward, p. 58).

13. f. 13. 'A walk' (see also Add. 73348).

14. f. 13v. 'The palace of art'.

15. f. 14v. 'Mr Richard Le Gallien [sic]'.

16. f. 17. Rejected stanza of 'The nativity'. See references at Add. 73305 A.

17. f. 18. Two stanzas beginning "Over the wide world thou hast been", revised as 'A mood' on f. 21. See also Add. 73322 D, 73326 B.

18. f. 20. Four stanzas, one deleted, beginning "Who are we that say, love?", see also ff. 21, 22 and Add. 73322 D, 73326 B.

19. f. 20v. Five stanzas, forming three short poems, beginning "Untill [sic] all things be secretless" (see also Add. 73322 D, 73326 B), "There is a little flying hour" and "God sat beside the golden sea" (see also Add. 73326 B).

20. f. 21. 'A mood', three stanzas beginning "What are we that say, love?", all cancelled.

21. f. 21v. 'London' (C.W., vol. 10, p. 61).

22. f. 22. Deleted and untitled draft of 'Comparisons', three stanzas beginning "What are we that say, love" (see also Add. 73322 D).

23. f. 22v. Four separate untitled stanzas.

24. f. 23. 'School', 'Anthropomorphism', 'Madonna mia' (Ward, p. 77, also in C.W., vol.10, p. 62).

25. f. 23v. 'Creation ― Eve'.

26. f. 30v. Eighteen lines beginning "I am he who has known many joys".

27. f. 33v-34. Four aphorisms in verse.

28. f. 35v. 'The strange thing'.

29. f. 36. 'Xmas Eve', 'Xmas Day' (Ward, p. 62, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 104), 'Julian' (Ward, p. 63).

30. f. 36v. 'World lover' (three lines only, see also Add. 73243 A), three aphorisms in verse.

31. f. 37. 'The crucified' (Ward, p. 63, also in C.W., vol. 10. p. 32), 'The age of love', 'Pro unum est necessarium', 'Christmas 1894'.

32. f. 37v. 'The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ' (Ward, p. 62, also Barker, p. 76 and in C.W., vol. 10, p. 30 as 'A blessing'), 'The world is a problem, not a theorem' (Ward, p. 60), 'The daisy' (Barker, p. 64, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 201), 'Morning'.

33. f. 38. 'In church', 'Francois Villon', 'A glimpse' (see also Add. 73348).

34. f. 38v. 'Evening' (Ward, p. 59, also in Barker, p. 65), 'Literature', aphorism of three lines.

35. f. 39. 'H. C. C.' [the initials have been amended], 'Decadence', 'A letter', aphorism of two lines.

36. f. 40. 'A sketch', aphorism of two lines, 'In a garden'.

37. f. 40v. 'The tempter', 'Stories', 'The jongleur de Dieu', two aphorisms.

38. f. 41, 41v. Four aphorisms.

39. f. 42. 'The hymn of the Son of Man', aphorism of two lines.

40. f. 43. 'The book of ethical scriptures', two aphorisms, 'A laugh'.

41. f. 43v. 'An afternoon call' (Barker, p. 73, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 267 - assumed to be a call at the Blogg household, but more probably describes a call at the Vivian household).

42. f. 44. 'In conversation', 'Insight', 'Marcus Aurelius' (Ward, p. 60).

43. f. 44v. 'M. V.' [i.e. Madge Vivian] (Ward, p. 224), 'A social situation' (Ward, p. 60), 'The Carpenter' (Ward, p. 62, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 32, part also in Barker, p. 76).

44. f. 45. 'L. S.' [i.e. Lawrence Solomon], 'Two strands' (Ward, p. 61).

45. ff. 48v, 49. 'The Nativity' (see references at Add. 73305 A).

46. f. 51. 'Some prophecies' (Ward, p. 56, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 173, see also Add. 73270).

47. f. 52v. 'A certain Miss Chick', 'Blasé', 'Notes from a conversation on fiction (Salter's Jan 9th 1895)'.

48. f. 53. 'The higher education', 'Winter-colouring', two aphorisms.

49. f. 53v. 'The pas de quatre', 'The human circulating library' (Ward, 50. f. 54. 'Colour', 'Love', 'Totality'.

51. f. 54v. 'Voices' (Ward, p. 61, also in Barker, p. 66 and in C.W., vol. 10, p. 97), 'Our lady of Clifton',

52. f. 55v. 'Rounds', two short untitled verses.

53. f. 56. 'Comptism', 'Jan. 1895'.

54. ff. 56v, 57. Three short untitled verses.

55. ff. 62-63. 'The beaten path' (see references at Add. 73326 B).

56. f. 63v. 'A Xmas carol', cancelled (see references at Add. 73243 A), 'A kiss'.

57. f. 64. 'Love'.

58. f. 65. 'An epic', 'A naturalist' (see also Add. 73270), 'F. B.' [possibly amended by Chesterton from other initials to those of Frances Blogg, afterw. Chesterton] (Ward, p. 77).

59. f. 65v. 'Rational dress'.

60. f. 69v. 'To a clergyman' (deleted), 'Extracts from prose drama' (Ward, p. 63).

61. f. 70. 'War', two aphorisms (one in Ward, p. 64), 'To my lady' (Ward, p. 78, also in Barker, p. 79, and in C.W., vol. 10, p. 372 ― apparently amended by Chesterton to indicate that this is addressed to Frances Blogg, afterw. Chesterton).

62. f. 70v. 'V. V. [i.e. Violet Vivian]', 'The Daily chronicle', 'F. G. S.' [i.e. Frederick G. Salter], aphorism of two lines, 'Ambition'.

63. f. 71. 'A county council election', 'Walt Whitman', two aphorisms, 'To you'.

64. f. 71v. 'The week', aphorism of five lines.

65. f. 72. 'Ygdrasil', three aphorisms.

66. f. 72v. 'The cosmic factories' (Ward, p. 46, also in Barker, p. 53 and in C.W., vol. 10, p. 272), two aphorisms.

67. f. 73. 'A dream', 'Mysticism'.

68. f. 73v. Untitled verses beginning "There is a heart within a distant town", amended to "There is one humble . . ." (Ward, p. 104, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 82, see also Add. 73326 B).

69. f. 75v. 'More cosmic recipes' (Barker, p. 52), two aphorisms.

70. f. 76. 'An invitation' (Ward, p. 58), 'Parables' (Ward, p. 63, also in Barker, p. 76, and in C.W., vol. 10, p. 66), two line aphorism.

71. f. 77v. 'After reading Isaiah', 'Tunes', three aphorisms.

72. f. 78. 'The prayer of a man walking' (Ward, p. 59, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 81, as 'Thank you'), 'The prayer of a man resting' (Ward, p. 56, also in C.W., vol. 10, p. 73), two aphorisms.

73. f. 78v. 'The riddle of love'.

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