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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. LVIII B (ff. 96). The preceding text rearranged, typewritten with some autograph additions, amendments and deletions, and the typewritten text of 'The wild knight', to form a printer's copy. Wanting the leaves originally numbered in pencil 41 (the opening of 'The nightmare'), 53-57 (original version of 'The lamp post', replaced by autograph revision of this poem with 'The pessimist' and 'A fairy tale'), 73-75 (the end of 'Vulgarised' and the opening of 'Ballad of God makers'), 100 (the end of 'The wild knight'). 'Another tattered rhymster in the ring', 'The triumph of man', 'Art colours' and 'The lamp post' appear in autograph amended versions interleaved with the typescript, 'Art colours' in a revised form on the verso of its typescript, and 'The lamp post' considerably shortened for publication. 'Vanity' appears in the manuscript, but is wanting from the typescript, although in the final text. 'A novelty' (not in the preceding volume) and 'A man and his image' are autograph amended versions interleaved with the typescript.

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