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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CXXXIII B. School exercise book with poems, essays, fragmentary stories and sketches; circa 1891. Includes essay on the happiness of genius (published in revised form as 'The happiness of genius' in The Debater, vol. 2, no. 9 (Nov. 1891), pp. 83) (ff. 9v-13v), opening of a draft paper on dragons (see also Add. 73303 B) (f. 14v vol. rev.), essay on history (ff. 5v-7v), opening and another portion of a story 'The Robinsons' (published in C.W., vol. 14, pp. 534-537) (ff. 22v-23v), opening of stories set in Scotland and in Northumbria (the latter published as 'The black crow' in C.W., vol. 14, pp. 586-604) (ff. 30v, 47v-40 vol. rev.), poem beginning "Smiling lips and laughing eyes" (ff. 16v-15v vol. rev.), poem beginning "Prince Breca rose in the torch lit hall" (ff. 18v-17v vol. rev.), poem 'Versailles' (published in The G. K. Chesterton Quarterly, no. 19, Summer 2001, pp. 5-6) (ff. 33-33v), poem 'Dante' (f. 39v). Text commences at both ends.

ff. 47. 228 x 177mm.

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