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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CCXCVI C (ff. 115). Galley proofs of the American edition of Return to Chesterton; 1951. Printed. The poems, 'The passing of Gladstone', 'Ballade of a hat foregone', 'Ballade of an ethical lady', 'To Elfreda, that she should write a romance', 'Lines by the Wedding March Hare', and 'Lament for Dorothy who hurt her foot' and a letter to Barbara Nicholl of 5 May 1936, are in the proof, but were not published in the final text, with the exception of one stanza of 'Ballade of an ethical lady' (the proofs include only three stanzas). The autograph of the first poem is in Add. 73345 B, and of the second to fifth poems in the collection compiled by Freda Spencer in Add. 57983. The proofs also include fuller versions than those appearing in the final text of 'In the balance' (full text in Add. 73345 B), 'Lines to a young lady born before April Fools' Day', 'Lines to the air of "Godolphin Horne"' (full texts of these are in Add. 57983), and 'Reports of the Congress of Palaeontological Research'.

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