G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CLVIII A. Poems, an outline for the story 'Ch ... 

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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CLVIII A. Poems, an outline for the story 'Child Street' (ff. 9-10), sketches; circa 1898. Poems include versions of the following poems published in The Wild Knight (see references at Add. 73243 A): 'The babe unborn' (two versions) (ff. 2-3, 30v-29v vol. rev.), 'World lover' (ff. 28v-27v vol. rev.), 'The unpardonable sin' (reworked as 'Ecclesiastes') (f. 25v vol. rev.), 'Good news' (f. 24v vol. rev.), 'The earth's shame' (f. 21v vol. rev.), 'The wrath' (reworked as 'The unpardonable sin') (f. 17v vol. rev.), 'The holy of holies' (f. 16v vol. rev.)', 'A Xmas carol' (f. 14v vol. rev.), 'Stars' (reworked as 'At night') (f. 13v vol. rev.), 'The beatific vision' (f. 12v vol. rev.); also: 'Thieves' (reworked as 'The mortal answers', see references at Add. 73344 D) (f. 19v vol. rev.), 'A benediction' (see also Add. 73305 A, 73343 D) (f. 23v vol. rev.), 'The sun' (two stanzas, one of which is from the 'World lover' sequence) (f. 22v vol. rev.: see also Add. 73301 A, 73336 F, 73343 C), 'The crown' (f. 20v vol. rev.), 'I am' (two stanzas from the 'World lover' sequence) (f. 26v vol. rev.), 'A meeting' (one stanza from the 'World lover' sequence) (f. 18v vol. rev.), 'The dweller in the inmost' (f. 15v vol. rev.), 'Ego' (see references at Add. 73345 A) (f. 11v vol. rev.), untitled poem, beginning "I am, I know no more" (ff. 4-5), 'The evil man' (f. 6) and other fragments and drafts. For other versions of 'Child Street' see references at Add. 73338 A. For other poems in the 'World lover' sequence, see references at Add. 73338 C. Text commences at both ends.

ff. ii+34. 200 x 162mm.

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